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Why is investing in sex education help a lot in birth control programs?

Why is investing in sex education help a lot in birth control programs?

What Does Sex Education Cover?


You’re probably familiar with the basic idea of sex education. But you’re probably wondering what exactly it covers. Well, sex education deals with a variety of subjects, mainly regarding sexuality and sex in general. It’s a way for people to understand sex from an objective and educational standpoint. Sex ed is there to help you understand relationships, safe sex, sexual health, and yourself! It can also be beneficial in helping a person understand gender and sexual identity while also covering things like anatomy and sexual biology. 


It’s essential to be taught about sex-related topics. That’s why sex education isn’t exclusive to adults. While learning certain sex-related things on your own is perfectly normal and safe, it can also be dangerous. Being uneducated on things like sexual health and consent can be harmful. Learning about these topics (from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source!) is crucial for young people. Among other things, It can be a way to combat teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted illnesses. Destigmatizing sex in this way can help young people feel comfortable and be more responsible as well.


Facts About Birth Control


Here are a few things you might want to know about birth control! 


  • Birth control can have an impact on your sex drive. Some people have reported feeling a temporary increase or decrease in sexual desire. While their impact is mostly insignificant, birth control can influence your libido. But it’s nothing to worry about since it’s often a temporary side effect of your body adjusting to birth control.
  • IUDs and implants are considered the most reliable. They’re effective, and their popularity has risen in the last few years.
  • Birth control pills can help with painful menstrual cycles.
  • Pills are the go-to method of contraception. They’re mostly used by teens and young adults. But are also popular among non-married women.
  • Birth control isn’t only for women! Birth control methods for men also exist. They can be permanent, like a vasectomy, or for one use only, like condoms. Male birth control pills may also be an option soon! 


Birth Control Procedures and How They Work


Now, what are the different types of birth control procedures? And how do they work? Birth control pills are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about birth control. Their popularity stems from the fact that they’re practical — like any medication, you simply take them at the same time each day. Other similar types of temporary birth control are mini-pills, shots, patches, and vaginal rings. These methods are usually affordable and can be prescribed by a doctor. 


The most effective birth control method is sterilization. It’s a procedure that works for both men and women. This type of birth control is reliable since it prevents pregnancy entirely. It’s also permanent. Some of these procedures can be reversible, while others can’t. The cost of these procedures ranges from around $1,500 to $6,000 in the case of female sterilization. Male sterilization, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper.


Another reliable type of birth control is IUDs. An intrauterine device, as it’s known, is a small T-shaped birth control device. It’s planted inside the uterus, and it remains there to prevent pregnancy. Condoms, cervical caps, and diaphragms also qualify as birth control. They’re meant for one use only and are inexpensive!


Dangers That Lie Behind Birth Control


Like most other medical procedures, birth control also comes with its risks. Birth control pills, although generally safe, can create certain complications, such as blood clots, strokes, tumors, and even heart attacks. These problems are rare and can occur when using a combination pill.


IUDs are also considered safe, but just like pills, they also have risks. These risks come in the form of infection and uterine perforation. Another unfortunate side effect of IUDs is painful menstrual cycles. However, that is only true for non-hormonal IUDs. Hormonal IUDs regulate your period or get rid of it altogether.

Condoms are viable in protecting against sexually transmitted illnesses. But they also have the highest failure rate of any contraceptive method. Hence they’re not the most reliable form of birth control.


With female sterilization, the main risk is ectopic pregnancy, which can cause internal bleeding and pose a danger to a woman’s health. It also never results in a healthy child and should be terminated for the sake of the mother.


Progestin shots are another contraceptive method that can be dangerous. They can reduce your bone density and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The good thing is that most of these complications can be treated. As long as you’re going to the doctor regularly, any birth control method should be fine. 


How Sex Education Helps Birth Control


Sex education is vital in helping young people maneuver the topics of sex. While helping teens understand the dangers of STIs, lead healthy relationships, and understand themselves. It also helps them understand the benefits of birth control. 


Studies have shown that helping teens understand birth control doesn’t raise sexual activity. On the contrary, it can help them make responsible decisions. That does a number in combatting problems such as teen pregnancy. 


Comprehensive sex ed covers a large number of topics. It offers a perspective on sex that is evidence-based, medically reliable, culturally relevant, and age-appropriate. Among those topics is birth control. Young people are offered insight into all forms of birth control, ranging from one-use contraceptives to permanent procedures. All of these teachings are crucial. Since they can be a guiding light for young people as they discover sex and sexuality. 


Effects of Sex Ed on People


Birth control can be a big step to take. A lot of people are uneducated about it and don’t know how to use it. This especially goes for birth control methods that aren’t widely known. Since many people are only familiar with the risks of birth control, they are hesitant about using it. 


These are only some of the problems that appear when the question of birth control is posed. The reason they appear in the first place is because of the lack of knowledge regarding birth control. This all boils down to insufficient sex education.


Being properly educated regarding sex can give you comfort in using birth control. After all, it’s critical to be aware of both the advantages and the downsides. Since it can be crucial in deciding what birth control method is right for you. 


Knowing all there is to know about birth control can also help with issues that might come up. It can make communicating these problems with your doctor much easier. 


All in all, it’s essential to be educated on birth control and sex in general. It’s crucial to prevent problems before they even come up. After all, prevention is the best medicine.

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