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Squishies – the newest toy craze

Squishies – the newest toy craze

Surely, you’ve heard of squishies by now. They are everywhere! This latest toy trend is spreading like wildfire among children and adults alike.

Make an adorable collection

Squishies are usually rather small. As the name suggests, you’ll have a blast squeezing and squishing this pleasant-feeling toy. They are made of memory foam, a type of material ideal for squishing, and are of various shapes and sizes.

Squishies are the most adorable collectible items out there. Children are natural collectors, and this toy is perfect for making the cutest assemblage of bright colors and soft, squeezable material. Furthermore, their size is ideal for a kid (and a parent) on the move. They check all the marks – adorable, soft, and convenient. Squishies are small enough to fit in your pocket. You can always make room for a couple of them in your bag. Whip them out when your child needs entertainment.

However, it’s not just your pocket they will fit perfectly in, but your child’s, as well. Kids love to carry them around. They’ll fit right into the little, child-sized pocket. Perfect for the playground!


They come in all shapes and forms

Made from polyurethane foam, they come in all shapes and sizes. More often than not, they are shaped like animals or food. Although all forms evoke delight in children, they seem rather fond of cookie and panda squishies. Pop culture characters, like the characters from popular cartoons and animes, are also trendy.

Squishies have many forms, as well. They are customizable. You can use them as more than just toys. In fact, some squishies make the perfect accessories. Some of them have strings on them, while others have loops. You can attach them to a backpack, keychain or a belt loop.


What’s Kawaii?

In Japanese language, Kawaii means cute or adorable. And, that’s the perfect description for this toy. The styles and forms of squishies may vary, and you can also find squishies made by famous brands. Hello Kitty squishies will earn you a high-pitched squeal from your cat-loving children. Or, you can get them an emoji one. The possibilities are practically endless.

Squishies are made to be squeezed. Hence the name. But, the toy will return to its original shape easily, don’t worry. It won’t get worn out or change form. If your kid is a fan of other shape-changing toys like the slime or the kinetic sand, they’ll love the squishies, too.


Trendy and fun

Squishies are very trendy. They are the latest craze in the toy world. Kids can make their collections and trade them amongst themselves. Collectibles are always a favorite, especially when they are so versatile. Squishies can be toys, keychains, backpack accessories – you name it!

Furthermore, squishies are affordable. Everyone can afford one. Gift them as birthday presents or include them in party bags. The kids will love it!


Safety and Delivery

While you can get many squishies locally, a lot of vendors ship them from overseas. So, keep an eye on the delivery dates. If you have planned to gift them to someone, you don’t want your present to be late! Also, check if they are age-appropriate for your child.





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